Environmental Liability

We adjust a large number of major Environmental Pollution claims across Europe, including Sudden & Accidental and Gradual Occurrences in the following areas:

  • Crude oil and refined product spillage from ocean tankers
  • Oil and chemicals spillage from pipelines
  • In-land spillage from over & underground tanks/basins
  • Oil and chemicals spillage from rail wagons and road vehicles
  • Radioactive contamination
  • On- and Off-premises pollution damages and related BI impact
  • Pollution caused by malicious actions
  • Pollution caused by Third Party accidental damage (digging, etc.)
  • Seashore, River, Lagoon & Protected Species Habitat Pollution
  • Sudden industrial accidents and related pollution (soil, water, air)

With reference to EU Directives and applicable Local Law, we provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Emergency conatinment & notice to Authorities
  • Root Cause Analysis and related investigations
  • Analysis of contaminating agent concentration levels
  • Assistance in the Design, Planning and Scheduling of recovery work
  • Assistance throughout the Risk Analysis procedure
  • Risk Concentration Limits and related Monitoring Plan attendance
  • Assistance throughout the Operative or Permanent Safety Program
  • Monitoring of ongoing recovery operations and related cost
  • Assessment of ACV damage at market prices
  • Assistance in Environmental Protection, Civil and Criminal proceedings
  • Reconciliation of assessed losses in accordance with policy coverage

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